Wardrobe design

Design and evaluation: We analyze and evaluate your wardrobe to help you know which articles of clothing you should keep, which of them you should get rid of, and which ones to save for later seasons. To all of this, we also include a reorganization of your wardrobe so that it becomes easier to find your garments every day.


From there, we create a list of possible garments and key accessories that you’ll need to update your wardrobe. Also, we help you combine your garments so that you can use them more effectively. At the same time we identify accessories that you can’t be without.


We also make complete outfits in your wardrobe that can be seasonal, monthly or weekly. This saves time when choosing garments.

Season continuation

Each season we’ll analyze, revise, and update your wardrobe, reinventing it with the new articles of clothing that you can’t leave out. This will keep you in style at all times. From basic to essential garments for the season, to accessories, jewelry, shoes, and bags, you are going to love the way you look.

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