WORKING between several disciplines such as painting, collage and installation in which he combines different methodologies and visual solutions, Ubay Murillo (Tenerife 1978). 
This approach is enriched with an investigation of how the images produced by the vanguards in the creation of the new social and physical body permeated in the imaginary of consumer capitalism and how they have shaped the body that we now have and also imagine.

A dismembered body, stretched, modified to impossible limits, beaten and used as support for a culture of capital and consumption. Consumed images that pose as the utopian world imagined by artists of the early twentieth century may end up looking like a dystopia in our present and immediate future.

Ubay Murillo works with several galleries around the world, such as the Artizar Gallery in Spain, the GE Gallery in Mexico and the Constantini Gallery in Milan. He has made important exhibitions in Tenerife, Madrid, Santander, Milan, Bremen, Berlin, Santander and Mexico among many other cities, and regularly participates in fairs such as Zona Maco (Mexico City), Art Verona (Verona), Artesantander (Santander) or Estampa (Madrid).

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